About Softpots

Hello and welcome to the world of Softpots…  The place where your imagination can run wild!

Whether it’s a new craft journey you are looking to fulfil, a new business venture, some magical inspiration or maybe you want to play a part in changing the world to become more environmentally friendly. If any of the above is you, you have come to the right place! Here at Softpots we thrive from using creativity to be environmentally friendly, using recycled natural materials, in all of our creations!

Softpots are a handmade, eco friendly, fabric plant pot for both indoor and outdoor plants. They are designed so they do not heat up in the sun and insulate the roots throughout the colder months. Softpots are much kinder to the plant then a regular terracotta / plastic pot as they are flexible and allow the roots to breathe, promoting natural root growth and no spiralling! They can be made into many shapes and sizes making them completely adaptable to your home inside and out! They are an easy and fun craft experience for all the family to enjoy.

 Softpots was founded in 2002 by creator, Annie Austen-Meek, who came up with the idea of a Softpot when she wanted to take her plants on her travels with her! Going forward Annie has inspired and touched so many hearts and people across the world and she still continues to do so with her passionate attitude towards changing the planet.

In 2020 Annie handed over the reins of Softpots to Danika, our own in-house soft pot angel. Since then we’ve increased our plant variety and now stock tools, equipment and materials for all you soft pot lovers out there. We have a large selection of free classes and workshops as well as paid courses for makers with all levels of experience.

My Journey with Softpots…

During March 2020 a global pandemic shockingly hit the world, causing lifechanging events for many. Like many people unfortunately, I lost my job and had to close my business. One day whilst out walking my dog, I bumped into the owner of a local small independent shop in the heart of Harrogate, 53 Bo Grove. Thankfully she was looking to employ new staff and I began working there not long after. One of the regular customers there was Annie Austen-Meek, the creator and founder of Softpots. We discovered we had a mutual love of creativity and plants and I began to help out with the Softpot garden at Bo Grove. 

Fast forward a few months and my bond with Annie has become something I can truly say I am grateful to the pandemic for. Over the past few months we have spent a lot of time together, as friends and with Annie teaching me everything she knows about Softpots. Sadly, Annie recently discovered she has terminal cancer, but Annie being Annie, she took the news in her stride and began setting the wheels in motion for me to take over her Softpots business. 

Not only am I eternally grateful for the connection, love and opportunity Annie has given me, but I am also grateful for her welcoming me into her home and family. Now not only have I gained a new business I have also gained a new family, providing me with ongoing love and support. My hope now is that with the tools she has given me to succeed, I can grow and create Softpots into the vision that she always had. With your help I believe that that is possible.

Annie's Book of Condolences

In honour of Annie's life we have put together a book of condolences for you all to leave your memory of Annie. If you would like to leave a message, photograph or video or memory then please click on the following link 


All your comments will be received with love and enlightenment 

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